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07.14.2012 , 02:22 AM | #11
The game needs to have a Friends List like World of Warcraft's own REAL ID, now it doesn't need to work with email addresses because I know that was a security issue for people that caused concerns. It just needs to make things so all your friends list is shared by all of your characters, its really annoying to have to redo your friends list every time you make a new character and you can't exactly talk to friends on other servers. As well as paid character transfers need to happen so people can move characters where you want. The select transfers don't allow you to do this. The game also needs to allow you to trade loot with eligible players from flash points and operations this way players can resolve loot disputes without wasting game masters time. For example, I asked a GM to give a friend something I thought I needed but they did too and I already was using the item. It took the GM way too long to resolve the ticket (days) and we ran again and they won the item and I closed the ticket myself and they were 3 levels higher by that time.