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All valid points and nothing I would disagree with

I agree with changing the Tionese crystal to Columi comms, after all how many of these worthless things do we have? We cant even trade them up for anything and unless your an entry level player or a first time participant in pve they are useless but so are Columi comms come to think of it (most of our companions wear Rakata now).

You made a valid point about players farming the first boss once a day if he dropped a set Rakata piece until I realized it wouldnt matter. Best case scenerio is that a player could pass an item onto their companion once they got it but for most raiders we've already done that so it ends up becoming sold item for credits.

If the decision was mine to make I would leave Dr Lorrick loot tables as they are, but would add 1 Rakata piece to both Sav Rak & LR-5. At best a player would have 3 pieces of Rakata gear and would not get the 4 set bonus without obtaining the 4th piece by raiding, not to mention the MH & OH weapons.

I felt that with T1 FP's & OP's the loot system worked well, while we were raiding for Rakata some casuals and non raiders were gearing up in Columi. Now with T2 FP's & OP's were hunting down Campaign gear sets while the above mentioned playerbase is still hunting for Columi and the Rakata chest. Unfortunately the entire Black Hole set has thrown things out of whack, but given that most of the stats on the BH gear either need to be remodded or in our case mods selectively taken out to add to Campaign pieces I dont see it as to much of an issue.

My main concern is that if we want HM LI boss mechanics to become the minimum standard for future content I just feel that the rewards need to be increased to satisfy that segment of the community that dont or wont raid. make them aware that the continued effort and challenge is worth trying to overcome rather than giving up. Bearing in mind none of this is relevant to the raiding community because we already outgear HM LI, this is offering an incentive to the non raiding community to adopt a raid mentality where continued effort (HM LI) grants greater rewards than instant gratification (T1 FP's) because as it stands only Dr Lorrick offers them any reward and many cant even get past the 1st boss at this stage.
Perhaps a good alternative would be to add in Rakata earpiece, implants, belt or bracers as drops. As it stands these can be gained without going into a raid but would still provide a good reward for LI HM. They aren't set pieces but still provide an upgrade/incentive without giving people too much 'free loot'. I still feel that 3 pieces of Rakata would be too much but I could agree to Chest and a non set piece. It would make LI the best gear per character per hour option for gearing but without making Rakata mods easily farmable.

Aside from that option, everything I can think of would make LI HM essential a farm FP or not suitably justify the difficulty. I think we can all agree that any loot increase would be best places on LR-5. Options such as adding any number of BH comms as drops would provide a repeatable/farmable source. Adding a number of Daily comms would need to justify the time:reward ratio of just running dailies. Columi gear is pretty much needed for people going in and is already dropped. Credits aren't a sufficient reward.

Perhaps adding a Rakata level armouring/mod/enhancment would be suitable? Or maybe having LR-5 drop rare crafting mats like Biometic Crystal Alloy?