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This is right after I installed the game. It happens every time I uninstall the game and for some reason decide to play again. Everything is normal, then all the gold, shiny letters turn gray, but I can still log in. When I get to the place where it says "play," I can't click on anything to look at the recent news or patch information. I press play, the game opens up in 1024x768 res., which is way to small for my laptop's screen. Then after about fifteen seconds, the game crashes. I can open it up again, but the same thing happens. Other times when I've downloaded the game and this happens, I usually go through the process a couple of times and then it doesn't happen until the next time I may decide to uninstall the game, then for a random reason decide to come back. Now, it won't stop. I'm allowing SWTOR through the firewall. Also, I look for the launcher repair in Windows explorer and in the launcher. I can't find them. Any other solutions?
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