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I find the LFG tool to be very effective, if only a little clunky - which is acceptable considering how new it is.

The big issue isnt whether it works, but how enticing it is to use it. Like i said, the players are there, they are online.

But how can Bioware make doing a flashpoint - or more to the point - actually queueing at all, something that players will want to do.

In a lot of MMO's - and im not going to point fingers here - do it quite well.

- You put yourself in the LFG tool, and continue on with your solo thing.

- You can group up, complete a zone group quest without it interfering with the LFG tool, and have it pop whilst your doing your own thing.

- The most you ever have to do to get the most benefit out of it, is to simply hit the queue button, and then accept the settings.

- Once it pops, you make your way - ending combat as soon as possible if you are fighting - to a location where you know you are relatively safe.

- Accept the phased group content and are instantly teleported to it.

- Any missions/quests that are relevant are already either accepted upon entering the phase, or are available right as you enter. Whats more, is the objectives of those missions/quests are all along the path that you are guaranteed to take, and handing the completed objectives in, are either to an npc at the end, or automatically completed once they are done.

- Once everything is done and you leave the phase, you arrive back exactly where you were when you queued.
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