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Try to max power/surge > crit mods. Power are better than aim. (i will not explain it but due to diminishing returns its better to be lower on aim before buffs)

Try keeping Crit on 25%, and max out power and surge as high as you can. (best and cheapest way to get power mods is to pull them off eliminator gauntlets).

Do not exchange battlemaster eliminator power generator as its better in terms of damage than WH one (again expertise will have a very high slope after reaching the curve of 1150=22% bonus dmg)

Check my stats above. It might help you abit.
I went Combat Tech with Combat Medic for the extra 3 sec shield. It's a pretty nice boost. PT's get a great crit bonus to all their abilites so you are correct crit is pretty meh for us. Aim > Power > Surge are the three stats you should focus on.

I will have to look at the difference between WH and Battlemaster power generators. I wonder why it's better?
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