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Is it possible to obtain the purple one with PVE stats for Republic side these days?
I think they might drop at random from crafting boxes but I've yet to see any hard proof. The number being sold on my server would seem to indicate that's the case, though, I can't imagine that too many people stocked up from them at the pre-1.2 vendor.

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Does anybody know how much my pre-order crystal would sale for? Its black and yellow!
You can't sell them.

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A question I have, as a noob, is what are daily commendations? Where/how do I get them? Also how do I use them?
You get them from daily quests at Level 50 on Ilum, Belsavis, and the Black Hole area of Corellia. Some of the areas where you pick up the quests have vendors where you spend them.