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Sorry, but your post reads as if you think I'm saying it's all about competition. I don't want to download a parser and use it besides, wouldn't that constitute use of 3rd party software which is not allowed as part of the terms and conditions? Second, when you have an op boss on like a 6 minute enrage timer it IS about damage. I don't think you can say they gave it to PVP and not PVE definitively simply because pve isn't a competition. Unless you can show me somewhere that devs posted why pve content doesn't report stats in game.
Parsers do not violate the TOS. If that was the case they would instantly delete all topics linking to parsing websites. In fact im pretty sure the whole reason they added combat logging was so that people could make parsers.

If you are really struggling with enrage your raid should be using a parser. I dont get why thats such a big deal to you. Yes it would be convenient to have it ingame but I highly doubt its going to happen. Im sure if you go back through the 1.2 dev logs you can find discussions about why they did combat logging the way they did. Im almost 100% positive that I read that somewhere that they didnt want people to get that "epeen" syndrome (my words not theirs)