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07.13.2012 , 01:14 PM | #7
I find running the group finder on my sorc healer to be quite effective. I usually only have to wait a couple of minutes if that to get a que (level 14-29 range). I have bought the experience bonuses and usually gain a level every 2 to 4 flashpoints; i usually take a leader role and push people to finish the flashpoint as fast as possible.

I plan on trying to avoid as much questing as possible, and only do my class quests when i am in fear of them going grey. I avoid most of the quest content because i have some of the quests already five to seven times, and really dont care to do it again.

When it comes down to experience per hour, it is really dependent on me logging in peak hours and playing that character; if i do so, the exp per hour is far better then PvP, and the majority of planets i been on.

I believe more and more people will start to use flashpoints to level up, after they are working on their third, fourth, and fifth alt through the same content.