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Thanks for posting this!

I've been trying to level my new Operative healer primarily through instances and class quests, with a side order of Space Quests. Before Group Finder there was pretty much no way that I was going to get a group together for a low-level instance on my server. So it has been a lot of fun to get to see this content as it was intended to be seen... and to flush Mandalorians out an airlock, of course!

That said, I see a few big flaws in the system right now that is making it a bit painful:
- Experience point gain / hour is too low except when you have both Daily Quests (Group Finder and Emerging Conflicts).
- Rewards are quite weak, except when you have both Daily Quests.
- You don't automatically get the Emerging Conflict Daily quest assigned to you when you enter the instance for the first time that day, you either need to go to Imp Fleet or hope someone will share with you (I now do this as a matter of course when entering a Flashpoint).
- You get dumped back at the Fleet when you are done. (They indicated they are going to fix this, at least.) This makes doing your Class quests really hard.

I'm not sure if Bioware wants these, but here's a few solutions that don't seem that hard:
- (don't dump folks at fleet after using Group Finder)
- Make the Group Finder quests and the Emerging Conflicts quests infinitely repeatable below level 50 (or at whatever level makes sense.. I know they want to limit Black Hold and Daily Commendation creation so keep those as Dailies).
- Alternatively: significantly boost the XP, Credit and add a Commendation reward for the already repeatable Flashpoint main quest.
- Either automatically grant the Emerging Conflict quest or place a quest-giving box inside the instance. Don't make folks go to Fleet to get it.
- A pipe dream, I suspect, but give folks some way to discover flight points other than manually running / riding there.

I suspect that this will fix the other major fault of group finder as described to me by folks I run with: lack of heal spec healers. If they can give us healers the ability to level up AS HEALERS without it being really painfully slow most of the time they might see a few more of us out there.