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WHAT? Its not about bragging in an op with the guild I'm in. Its about metrics, seeing how I stack up and what I can do to improve. You assume because I'm interested in stats that I'm not into team work and that is the wrong assumption. We get to see PVP stats so why should high end PVE or flashpoints be any different? The amount of dps, healing, protection that is done is just as important in PVE as it is in PVP. I'm a very team oriented player, even when in warzones I care more about the outcome than my own dps so don't presume to know how I play because you feel like all pvp'ers are selfish.
If your running with a premade they have parsers that will tell you the raids total damage done, taken, heals, ect. works great. Requires everyone to be running the parser though. But as someone already stated they had a very good reason for not making it possible to see other players stats like you can in PvP. since PvE is not nearly as competitive and more team/mechanic oriented they wanted players to focus on that not on who can push the most damage.