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07.13.2012 , 09:05 AM | #6
I rolled a new healing Operative just to level up using the group finder. It's still not an insta-pop when I queue but it's quick enough most of the time. I average a five-to-ten minute wait during peak times but maybe a half hour or more in the early mornings. I work swing shifts so my play times are all over the clock.

One problem is there's still lots of people spamming for flashpoints in fleet chat instead of using the LFG. People like me aren't around to hear them though, because the nice thing about the LFG is that I can go run space missions or class quests or something while I wait, so I'm not loitering around the fleet waiting to heal random PuGs. When I am at the fleet I always hear somebody over and over asking "LF1M healer for (filll-in-the-blank)" and I don't respond because - oops - my queue just popped.