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07.13.2012 , 08:59 AM | #3
It's no different in warzones, everyone gets to see your stats there. I don't think an ops run should be any different necessarily. Besides, if you aren't that good at dps wouldn't you want to know and then maybe be able to improve after seeing stats? For example, the guild I'm in was running a KP HM the other night, I was the least PVE geared person there, we wiped on Karraga a few times and the issue about DPS came up. Now, I hardly ever do ops because I PVP a lot and feel like I play my sentinel really well however, I would've like to known for a fact if my dps was the issue. If it was, then I need to run more PVE stuff to get better gear for ops or maybe tweak my spec a little.

Besides, wouldn't you like to know if someone in your op wasn't being as efficient as they could be. Especially if you were able to help them be a better player? I would. Just sayin'...