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People who defend the prequels often do so by explaining why a particular character acts a certain way or why a particular plot point is not as dumb as it appears, usually with reference to expanded universe material or novelisations. This misses the whole point. If the film needs rationalisations for character behaviour then it has failed to make the audience emotionally involved with the characters. It doesn't matter how much CGI, action choreography or Natalie Portman you put in, if there is no emotional involvement there is no dramatic effect.

This lack of audience involvement is the result of bad dialogue, unconvincing character development, dull cinematography and poor editing.

I actually think that The Clone Wars is far more successful in all of these areas and the hokey droids and Jar Jar become like the Ewoks, annoyances to be tolerated. We believe in the characters actions and are genuinely interested in what happens to them. The way they develop the clones' personalities is particularly heartwarming.

In respect to Anakin's fall to the dark side, well, when Anakin performs an act of genocide in ep.II, that pretty much decided things for me. Padme's relative lack of response to this and the subsequent treatment of Anakin's fall as being about concern for Padme leads me to the conclusion that either Lucas is a poor scriptwriter or that he has very questionable ethics.