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I think there needs to be bigger incentives for doing a flashpoint when not max level.

As of right now - LFG works. But the problem isnt so much LFG itself, its the rewards for completing a flashpoint via LFG. Or more precisely, the players themselves who just arent interested in doing a flashpoint when they are more interested in planetary missions and class missions. Or even pvp.

Even if you spent the credits on maxing out flashpoint experience perks - which im sure most would not bother - its just not enough to get people in the queue.

Do a search for a flashpoint's level bracket, and you will see a massive number of players online. The players are THERE. They just arent queueing in the LFG tool. Why? My guess would be that the incentives for doing a flashpoint just arent there.

If it isnt experience - with the 1.3 bonuses to XP from character perks, then what is it? Loot? The loot system is much better than it was back when it started. It even automatically denies loot to those who cannot fully use it, ensuring anything that is designed for you either gets automatically given, or you roll fairly with players who also can use it. What about accomplishments? Most flashpoints have satisfying story in them, so it must be something else.

Truth of the matter is this - non-max level flashpoints just arent interesting to players. They simply dont want to do them. Of course it does not help the matter that doing a flashpoint with LFG, you exit back at the fleet and must spend some time getting back to where you were in the galaxy.
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