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I play as a Marauder from the videos linked and have done these fight many times from mostly rakata to in the video where I am wearing all black hole/camp full aug. I will say that gear helps a lot but proper use of cd's, when to move ect is even more important. I would say for a melee dps Zorn and Toth is the most difficult for melee survivability and sadly also the first fight to get through. For them alone i highly reccomend specing 2 points into getting that 30percent aoe reduction. I dont really have much trouble surviving in the other fights.....unless you watched the tanks fight where I insta killed myseld towards the end on accident.. The tanks can be handled with good survivability as well with proper use of cds. When the shields come up and you are looking cloak to give yourself time to find shield. Keep saber ward for any time you are taking more severe damage and don't waste that cd when you don't need it in fights. For Zorn and Toth i would be ready to hit cammo as soon as say Toth jumps up to smash down I am already cammo before he lands back on fast and you can mitigate tons of damage...know when he will be doing the smashes. Cloak of pain should be used whenever it is up. Use mostly all berzerks but perhaps a predation during red circle phase to help group survive. The fights in EC and especially hm ec are more complex and unforgiving to mistakes so proper group composition and good raid leadership is your best chance. These are the types of fights where even one person not knowing a fight or listening carefully to instruction can kill your whole team. I would also say again that a good raid leader can made a huge difference. You could have a group that is capable of doing this but without a good leader and communication you will be in for a lot of long trips back after death.