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Regarding the OP, I'm wondering if you are level 50 or still leveling up. My experience is that DPS characters that are not level 50 face very long waits using the group finder tool. I think most people using the group finder tool are level 50 and wanting to do hard mode flashpoints or operations. If you are a tank or healer your wait should be pretty short. DPS will have a longer wait. If you are in a guild, try grouping with a tank or healer then use the group finder. That should cut down on your waiting.
Yep attach yourself to a healer or tank and you are esentially in that queue rather than the DPS on. I queue daily, often multiple times as a tank/healer combo. Even when I solo queue for HMs I get instant pops. On my server the tanks are the ones people are waiting on for the HMs. For the Ops though, I queue for those whenever I can I I've only ever seen 1 pop. Waiting for 2 tanks and 2 healers to be in queue without any of them getting sucked into a HM sucks.