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Great video of Kephess and love the Linkin Park which was perfect for the fight!

Thanks for the explanation. On the trandoshan shield phase I saw you left one alive for awhile, were you fooling around or waiting for a cooldown to come back up?

Guess I'm putting cyclone slash back on my bar I always talk about how useless it is given the rage cost, but I guess in this situation it's a necessity. Normally our melee (in story) take out the trandoshan warrior asap and then let the ranged aoe the rest of the mob, with us killing the stragglers.

We just had our breakthrough on Vorgath a few times in a row but only put a few attempts in on Kephess. Looking forward to getting this in the next few weeks.
For that phase, we left 1 around because we want to position the walker's AoE attack where it wont affect us trying to get the bomb guy when we pull him. We wait till he is shooting his aoe attack in front so that when we pull the bomb guy we wont get hit with 4k AoE damage in all the groups.

As for the Trandoshan warrior, he has to die first. Once he goes down you can unload the AoE attacks.on the rest.