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Okay, I'm currently in black hole/campaign, with one rakata piece remaining: the offhand (augmented).

I have 13 fortitude augments and one defense augment.

With that being said, here's my stats (breakdown of the 3 tanking stats and HP)

HP: 27188
(buffed, as I have the bounty hunter buff on my toon)

Defense Chance: 27.34% (385 rating)

Shield Chance: 65.38% with dark ward (561 rating)

Absorption: 50.16% (330 rating)


I traded all of my accuracy out for shield, that's why it's so high. I can't trade the shield with anything else that would be useful, besides accuracy, which I don't want.

HP, Defense, and Absorb, though..... With my shield so high I think absorb is a better choice than defense, since it becomes more viable as shield goes up....


My raid group and I burn through HM EC very quickly every week, so for this patch it seems fine. But I'm always looking at better optimizing my stats, so if anyone has any suggestions, just say it.



Since my defence is pretty high now, I was thinking of swapping the on-use defence one for this for the self heals, since it procs on our self heals and would help:

The endurance is good, too.

Should I?
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