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I'd appreciate it, just from a authorly standpoint, if you'd include a link to my original compendium in the credits section at the top. I'd also prefer to be cited as "Kaedis", my ID on the forums (and my standard gaming alias), rather than "Daellia" (which is my alias from several years ago, when this account was first created).

Unlike Balance (and Hybrid), Project is not better than Telekinetic's filler ability Disturbance (mostly due to the lack of TK-Wave).
That TK-Wave should be Upheaval. The original was Chain Shock, not Chain Lightning (which is TK-Wave's mirror).

Optimal usage seems to be Hardcast Telekinetic Wave -> Disturbance (until proc) -> (Tidal Wave) Telekinetic Wave -> Forcequake -> Hardcast Telekinetic Wave -> Lightning Storm (until proc) -> repeat.
The first Disturbance should be Forcequake, as should the Lightning Storm near the end. It's Hardcast TKWave -> Quake until proc -> Instant TKWave -> Quake (takes as long as the cooldown to channel -> Hardcast TKWave (still 3-4 seconds on TW ICD) -> Quake until proc -> etc.

This will adjust your below commentary on AoE.

I would replace this section withn the following code (quote my post, and copy the BBCode into the original):

Rotation Priority List
Weaken Mind
Mind Crush
Telekinetic Throw (with Psychic Projection proc)
Telekinetic Wave (with Tidal Force proc)
Disturbance (with Telekinetic Throw weaved in)
Project (only if moving)

From The BiS thread:
Here's the actual link to the BIS setup, you should probably include that:
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