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Well, not to derail the thread from Corso—nice story Elliotcat, that bit in Corso’s dialog just begged for a followup—but I have an actual submission for the prompt this time.

*sob* I really didn't want to be the only one posting from the previous prompt on the last day after the next prompt was announced Curse the forum profanity filter starring out parts of perfectly good words. And having to go in and manually italicize from my word file.

Prompt “Communication Breakdown”

Title: “Coming Down”

Characters: Rixik (Bounty Hunter), Mako, 2V-R8.

Yes, that’s right, I actually wrote something involving the ship droid.

This follows “Recreational Pharma”, since I did get something of a request for it:

Quote: Originally Posted by Tatile View Post
It'd be interesting to see the effects of all that crap after the job - I can't imagine that it's a pleasant experience.)
It does tie to this week’s theme, if at an oblique angle. Sorry to write so much with this guy recently. He’s the character I’m playing the most right now.

No spoilers.