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07.12.2012 , 12:30 PM | #783
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see what i mean... even people who have systems that should be able to plow through this game are having problems now. Only a select few are seeing any improvement..

Just as a curiosity... how many people here pressed the button that popped up for the "new graphics optimizations" ??

I did and i can say that it made my FPS worse. I went back and manually turned my textures and other settings in the config file back to 0 and my FPS is at least stable enough to play, although the FPS in warzones is still horrible, especially in the void star.

I think that all the "graphics update" did was set the bloom back on and wipe any settings you manually set in your config.. they don't seem to have done anything to the game physically, and i saw no new options at all in the menu
I clicked the graphics optimization option, it didn't immediately drop my FPS, but I noticed a graphic improvement right off the bat. It wasn't until the patch a week later (7/3) that my FPS dropped and hasn't improved since. I played for about a week with much improved graphics and no performance loss, and then when I finished updating the following Tuesday, my game performance took a nose dive immediately.