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Disclaimer: I'm not Bioware tech support - who should be abel to help you, and that you should be able to contact - so this is speculation. Hopefully informed speculation, it may be helpful.

Your problem might stem from the regular patch on Tuesday.

The launcher needs to download and install the patch. It takes a little time to do this. It's not a good idea to interrupt it while it's doing this, as this can leave the game's files damaged and inoperative.

If you can get the launcher up, there should be a little cogwheel button at the bottom left, Clicking this takes you to another screen where you have the option to repair the installation. This amy fix your problem.

If you can't fix it and the game seems terminally banjaxed, the final option is to uninstall, then reinstall the game. Even if you downoaded it and have to again, your registration is recorded and your characters' information stored on the game's servers, so you should only lose the time it takes to do this and not any of your guys or their stuff.

Anyway: good luck getting back on SWTOR, and have fun.
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