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Since the LFG tool has come out there seems to be a resurgence if threads on this by people saying it is too hard. I cruise through this easily with my guild, but sometimes PUG it as well. Yesterday I did a PUG that gave more satisfaction with the game than I have had for a while.

Group finder put a tank and I with two LI noobs. The tank and I are in full Rakatta/Black Hole and know the instance very well. The two noobs are a melee DPS and healer in Columi. I whispered to the tank that I was in a good mood and was happy to teach them the instance. He agreed.

As you would expect, LR-5 was a true challenge. Running it with melee DPS is hard enough, let alone noob melee DPS. The not only listened and followed the instructions, but came up with some novel ideas. In the end, I stood in the middle (ranged DPS), while they moved around the room with LR-5 as a group. It worked.

When we finally downed the Doctor at the end, the two (no-longer) noobs, were extremely thrilled and profusely thankful. It was one of the most gratifying moments I have had in this game.

A higher level of challenge will push people to perform batter and come together. When you conquer a higher level of difficulty, the emotional (and sometimes material) rewards are much greater. Putting the whole game on easy mode would make times like that not possible.
This is 1 FP I prefer not to pug, it's frustrating enough helping guildies get their blue speeder.

Out of curiosity what would have happened if you hadnt been in a good mood?