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Can I get some clarification to this:
A Free Trial character will not be able to send or reply to mail by other trial characters. However, your character will be able to receive in-game mail during the trial.
Does that mean a free trial can also SEND mail to other paying-account characters? It isn't specifically prohibited, and if so, let me just say - BAD IDEA!!!!! Credspammers are a small-ish problem now, let's not make it worse by giving them another avenue for throw-away accounts. But, on the plus side... if you can send mail, can trial accounts buy all of the bank tabs on a trial account?

If so... here's what I'm gonna do: create a new email address, sign up for the trial on that address, and make a bank alt there, since I really, really don't want to turn one of my "one-of-each-class" roster of characters into a bank alt. I may even make a guild, join the trial account character to the guild, and buy the first GB bay.
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