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07.12.2012 , 10:33 AM | #12
Server lag definitely exists especially since transfers and is pretty noticeably bad in EC.
As the healer it is frustrating for me on two counts - one is that heals don't always get through when I want them to and I am continuously re-evaluating my triage and people take more damage than they would normally, because they aren't doing what they would be doing had they not been lagging.
Secondly I am so used to my skills that I rarely look at my skill bars - my fingers are used to the timing of various spells and skills. The server lag puts off my timing and my muscle memory - as an example in EC I can't bubble people the way I used to - and it frustrates me to have to look at my skill bars constantly. I wondered if SWTOR had "broken" the bubble CD at one point. If I am waiting a full GCD or more for a bubble I may have to abandon the bubble plan and throw out a heal instead. Exit to a fleet of 230 odd people and once again my timing is correct with bubbles - so this is definitely EC server lag.