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"Just deal with it" is a piss poor argument. Nightmare pilgrim trolling just devolves into a "no one wins" scenario. We show up and pull, Sithies attack the boss, paranoia counter goes over 16 and everyone dies. Imps pull the boss, I add on, paranoia over 16, everyone dies. Now, NO ONE, can run the boss. BUT WAIT, WE CAN JUST DEAL WITH IT. That's the same as offering no solution. It's just an endless cycle of hate, screwing one another over. How is that fun? You can't just let the other faction have it once the trolling has started, because then they'll simply do it every time to guarantee only their faction(or guild) can farm the boss. You're virtually forced into participation of pure stupidity. Is this how world bosses were meant to be done? If so, then the intention to begin with severely flawed. Eliminate world bosses ENTIRELY and switch to world dungeons, where content is protected and instanced. "It's meant to be this way" is just as stupid of an answer as "Just deal with it".
I like this paragraph. It makes me think one big reason for the griefing is the 2-hour lockout. Your goal is to grief the other guy until he leaves so you can do the boss. Without the lockout, you can take turns, and getting there second is no biggie.