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I figure if Khem Val does the Legacy speech, the first Inquisitor follower he's in a good position to train is, well, Xalek. Kind of a private-coach thing. And Xalek is just so enchantingly serious about his studies. That d'aww factor, plus the prospect of a good apprentice either offing his master (Niselle) or dying spectacularly in the attempt, keeps him on Nalenne's good side.

By the way, Nalenne had to expend some serious effort to recall the Code. She's lucky Xalek was handling half the lines. But again, when Enthusiasm McEarnestStudent gets like that, how can you not play along?

There is a definite personality trigger in some people that causes them to hear the Dashade's language as 'om nom nom' instead of words. I'm not sure yet whether it's a function of one's Jedi-ness or self-confidence or what, but Jaesa and possibly Ashara live in terror of this guy from his words (all two of them) alone.
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