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I'm wondering where people are getting their burst from myself in DF. I've been using it on my new gunslinger and putting up gigantic numbers ins warzones - almost always top DPS or at least very near to it. That said, I feel like its DPS which is really spread out and not nearly as strong against single targets as SS. Now, obviously, this is largely the idea and simply a matter of the spec design, and I'm fine with that. Still only level 42, but I'm keeping my gear very up to date so it scales well with bolster and now having hit the 31 point talent, I feel reasonably confident in my ability to get some meaningful insight out of playing the spec.

The thing is, I see folks in videos - and more importantly, against me - using lethality or DF dropping some very effective single target burst. I recall a level 45 lethality sniper - someone who has just about the same skill points he was able to spend as I - drop me from full health to almost zero with a single cull. I'm sure there was a sab charge on me, a weakening blast , and so forth, but still - even using all of these I've never been able to get more than 1/4 - 1/3 out of a person's health in a single wounding shots.

I've used the standard

Vital Shot -> Hemorrhaging Blast -> Shrap Bomb - Sab Charge - > Flourhish - Wounding Shots

And also

Vital Shot -> Shrap Bomb - Sab Charge - > Flourhish -> Hemorrhaging Blast -> Wounding Shots

and a whole bunch of similar things to try to maximize the strength of the wounding shots. No success. Thoughts?
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