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Forgive me if I am mistaken, but Tano comes with a moddable weapon, no? If not, then go to the Coruscant equipment commendations vendor on the fleet and purchase one. You can then mod it out with the latest and greatest.
Also, there are usually weapons vendors at the shuttle locations on the planets you are visiting, or in the area, and you can buy green weapons there, with green mods. I think the Voss one is in the traders area, across the bridge from the shuttle location.
When you get to 50 and start the Belsavis dailies, there is a heroic that awards orange companion weapons, if you are so minded. There is no difference between the orange moddable and green moddable weapons, they both take your castoff purple barells/mods/crystals/enhancements.
Thank you for your reply,
yes he dose come with moddable weapon and i have the best mods i can find
but as he has been using the same weapon for six or seven levels i thought they may have been upgrades for him,
however i have just moved to a higher populated server so i will check out the GTN see whats for sale