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07.12.2012 , 04:26 AM | #89
The one and only odd thing I've seen in a WZ is...

While guarding west base in Ald WZ, my guarding buddy decides to go aid mid turret. So he runs towards mid wall, then proceeds to jump over it. Not in one big jump, in several smaller jumps from point to point. But he got over. I was at the time thinking more of 'wow I'm so gonna learn that'. Still not 100% it was a hack, but I guess so. 'Cause it's not doable by normal means right?

Other than that seen nothing. I'm abit suspicious about some stealth detects I'd admit. You're not supposed to be that easily detected and backstabbed by shadows when you have stealth+3 as an Op right? Then again I can't be sure it wasn't me looking away at the moment. I'll admit this is 99.5% likely to not be hacking going on

But other games had all kinds of hacks, so why wouldn't SWTOR be hackable too? Majority of reported 'hacks' likely have other explanations than the ones given by the poster though.