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The thing about PvP that irks me more than anything else is the bias against healers. Forget about everybody else, OK. One 'toon. Healer spec, healer gear. The exact same expertise gives me AS A HEALER, twice as big a damage bonus as healing bonus. That has absolutely nothing to do with gear, the nature of the battle, or the abilities of allies or enemies. That's BUILT-IN SYSTEMATIC BIAS - specifically against healers.

In the Popular MMORPG That Shall Not Be Named, they had it right. Player on player, one on one, matched gear, a healer could make a DPS work for it. In a solo duel, a healer could drag the fight out for a solid 20 minutes - and even win if they were a little more skilled or caught a lucky break. Not a death machine by any stretch, but a match for certain - they couldn't win by sheer force of arms, but they could wear the enemy down by just out-surviving them.

Not so in SWTOR. In SWTOR PvP, healers are worthless and weak, and the PvP game is SET UP to make them that way. One on one, a healer doesn't stand a chance - even briefly. Healers get butchered on PvP token distribution, too, so it even takes longer to gear up. Check any battle summary sheet you want. The healers are down there in the bottom half - no matter how well they did or how well the battle went.

So the question, I suppose, is this: What problem does Bioware have with healers in PvP? It has to be something for them to bias the entire PvP system 2 to 1 against healers, so what is it?
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