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07.11.2012 , 11:10 PM | #86
I've never seen a pvp hacker, yet have been obviously called a hacker for many reasons because my new char i play is a mara. "Defense hack he only took 1 damage!!!" "His Ravage hit me for 8.6k on the last ticks, bs!!!!!" and the all too old, "Speed hacker, enjoy your ban!" I however have seen 2 hackers while leveling in my long sw:tor career. A speed hacker in tatooine across the leveling area, and a bot that would log in on a timer, pick up a chest, use a cheat engine teleport location to a next chest, and so on, and log off. Still even if it happened to me in pvp I would never make a thread about it lmao. Send a ticket, report the guy, and go on with your day. People act like it ruined there entire experience with the game, or that the vanguard who used hold the line throughout your huttball game was blatantly rubbing his hacks in your face. I genuinely dislike the QQ'ers more than the actual hackers.