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07.11.2012 , 09:48 PM | #409
I'm really surprised to see the Arsenal/Gunner spec for Mercenary/Commando still in the state it's in. It's in no shape to be played in PvP. Tracer missile and gravity round run on an activation time, which means ANY class with a interruption can interrupt tracer/grav and the Mercenary or Commando are running around without their pants on if you will.

Same goes with Sage/Sorc. Even though their pebble and thunder spam has high DPS if a class with 2 or even 1 interrupt gets on them they're just a sitting duck popping shields and trying to get their fastest heals out.

On the opposite side Pyrotech and Assault for Mercenary/Commando can easily throw their explosives, burning the enemy while the poor little Tracer/Grav or Pebbe/Thunder can't touch them for more then .3 seconds. It's actually probably a perfect build. Long range-moving-doting. Ouch.

Powertech and Vanguard also have high DPS and easily spamming flame/electric, while behind able to shield. To be honest they should just be called DPS, Half-Tank. The DPS from them is like DPS (Marauder/Sentinel, Gunslinger/Sniper DPS) from what I've seen. Also dragging AND boosting to an enemy is uh.. I mean the "dragging" skill should be lowered in range. When I just come out of a spawn point they're just waiting there with a little operative minion. Embarrassing.

In the end I hope classes will not be limited, or handicapped in any way. So a Sage can roll the same DPS has the Marauder that loves their healing. Or a Commando can be the famous war medic they saw them self as. Maybe even a Vanguard that wanted to tank just like the cool guardian he sees in every other pub. I have many other wishes to legacy (price drop, the prices currently and nothing for casual gamers )