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Palpatine offered a way to save padme from dying. Anakin was her husband, he would do anything for her, even go against the jedi. He never follows the path of the jedi as a whole. From joining against yoda's will, to never making master. About the only thing he did right was train Ahsoka and help create luke. Had he listened to Windu, which btw was another thing he and Obi-wan/Qui-gon were famous for was going against the council, he would be a master, ON THE COUNCIL and the sith would be gone yo. But of course, he was impatient and caused the entire order to nearly fall to ruin. His motives are very much screwed up. Look at Force Unleashed. He kills jedi with no real reason to do so besides the emperor's bidding, raises Galen Marek, watches him die and then breeds him like cows and trains out a "perfect" apprentice. Had he any common sense, which was to really be contested, he may have made better judgment calls. But alas, Anakin Skywalker was a rash, egotistical young man who had so much promise, but let his emotions cloud his judgment.
except once Padme is dead he has no reason to continue going down the dark side.

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