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You retaliate by killing the people from the other faction. That's kinda how world pvp works. On PvP servers, the raid time can often be taken up just by the back and forth world pvp that happens fighting over the right to kill a world boss.

if you don't like it, you should be on a PvE server.

And then they wonder why there's no world pvp in this game, when the players on the pvp servers don't even know what world pvp is about.
Your argument would make more sense if we were even talking about PvP. People seem to be missing the point of this thread. The issue has NOTHING to do with PvP. Obviously if your flagged during a fight like this and an enemy raid rolls in your gona get your face chewed off. This is just common sense. The issue is when a troll on EITHER faction sits on the node all day with the sole intent of wiping any raid that attempts the fight. Ive already explained the bug so many times Im not even gona say it again. read the thread before commenting.