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If you mean Adrenals (the short duration, long cooldown Potion-like effects), you should always be using Power ones. The sheer amount of rating given by these (even after the nerf) is sufficient to push ANY DRing stat so far along the curve that you'll end up getting only very minor benefit from most of it. Power is non-DR'd, and in literally every situation possible, it will provide you with more output.
Thanks, and yes, I was talking about adrenals soz.

And though anural's spreadsheet seems to be suggesting Alacrity, I've played around with the numbers a bit, and I cannot get a substantial gain with realistic/attainable increases in Alacrity.
For instace, pushing alacrity to 400 from 312, and pretending that all my other stats will remain the same during this regearing, only yield a deliverance cast time reduction from 2.26 to 2.21. Something I don't really feel is worth it.
With a 475 adrenal I get it down to 2.03s, but as you said, that's a long cooldown to splash on something that yields this little benefit.

I will definitely try your suggestion on popping the power adrenal. It might just be the push I'm needing.
What about a relic? Power as well?