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This argument confuses me.

I asked this before in another thread dont think anyone answered me so ill ask again.

How is it fun to schedule a raid with your guild. Get everyone there. Make sure everyone has the alphawave inhibitor. Then have another guild run up and ninja the stone? Or have another guild start attacking and get you all wiped instantly. Wheres the fun in that? You cant retaliate against it can you? No way to get back at them? No challenge involved on either side. if they're gonna make it like that they should get rid of the one shot ability the mob has and make it so that anyone who attacks the pilgrim becomes PvP flagged. or make it so that if a group of the same faction jumps in it becomes a contribution race whoever does the most damage gets credit for the kill.
You retaliate by killing the people from the other faction. That's kinda how world pvp works. On PvP servers, the raid time can often be taken up just by the back and forth world pvp that happens fighting over the right to kill a world boss.

if you don't like it, you should be on a PvE server.

And then they wonder why there's no world pvp in this game, when the players on the pvp servers don't even know what world pvp is about.
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