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Thanks so much for the guide!
Seer Healer help online is kinda in short supply, and I need all the help I can get!
I need to ask for some advice regards stacking/gearing/l2p/everything.

We've done all the HMs upto EC, and we do clear EC storymode sometimes, but Kephess is a bastard.
I'm really battling to keep the tank up, to the point that I simply noble sacrifice throughout the beginning phases of the fight to keep myself at 100% mana till the big robot dies.
In the last phase I typically spam the tank with Deliverance, even if he's at 100% hp, because he'll be almost dead by the time it lands.

And it's so untypical of my normal rotation.
I pretty much shield the tank, pop a salvation where the action is and wait for hp bars to start moving.
If I know a fight is mana intensive, I'll typically be close enough to my salvation, as to get benefit from it.
My rule of thumb is: If I'm at 100% health, I pop noble twice.
That pretty much gets me close to 100% mana if I'm standing in my salvation, I'll float between 83% and 100% health.

Typically I only cast deliverance if I have popped Force Potency. Which means I only cast Deliverance twice, maybe 3 times if it refuse to crit on a cast on rare occasions.
I typically only cast healing trance after rejuvinate, and the 2 might be used on different targets.

When a raid members is very low on health I use a couple of different rotations, depending on the situation.
If it's a tank, and he/she cannot get shielded I typically use a rejuvinate for the 1k instant heal, and try to keep him up with a crit stim and healing trance. If he's not quite that critically low on hp, but cannot be shielded, I typically use Force potency and 2x deliverance. If the tank is not critical, I typically just shield, drop a aoe heal, stand in it, noble twice, pop a rejuvinate on him. If required I'll finish off with a healing trance. Ops members that are just taking the odd bit of splash damage either get a split rejuv and healing trance, or just rejuvs, maybe the odd shield if there's random targetting involved.

Here are my current stats: Unbuffed / Buffed
WP: 1839 / 2050
P: 465 / 511
FP: 1261 / 1261
Crit: 377 / 377
Surge: 216 / 216
Alac: 312 / 312

Arulan's spreadsheet seems to suggest I might be low on alacrity, and I'm thinking it might have a point.
Also my relics. I have a matrix cube and a mending.
I tend to forget to activate activatable relics, but maybe I should just learn to use that as I do my crit stim.
Should I get the rakata alacrity stim? I have the power stim, but havn't found a use for it, as I always use the crit stim when things go pear shaped.

I really would appreciate any input as I feel I'm letting group down when we die repeatedly on Kephess. It almost feels like a fluke when we do actually down him. I don't like it when I encounter damage on our group that I simply cannot cope with.