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Stacking the buffs do have some benefits. But, you should remember that this is a MMORPG, what you do in game is supposed to shape and affect your avatar. Dividing time across several character types will give the benefit of buffs but means less time spent for gearing a single one. Both paths have their pluses and minuses and you trying to iron out the minuses for your chosen path is understandable but not necessarily the correct approach.
I do admit that I have 3 of the buffs available for my chars and I'd hate to lose them (although I'm sure I'll be just fine if that will happen) since I spent time acquiring them. You can unlock them too and while doing that you'll get a better understanding of the other classes strengths and weaknesses, besides your main I mean.
I also tend to rebuff often when in a war zone and not only in the spawn.

Stay positive and enjoy the game o/.
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