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07.11.2012 , 03:25 AM | #28
Is there no end to these kid's "I can't be arsed to put in any effort, give me everything free" attitude?

Why shouldn't people who are willing to put in more effort, get more rewards? There is nothing but your bone-idiol laziness stopping you levelling toons just to chapter 2 for the extra buffs.

What next? Going to cry about augments? Because you are too lazy to level a prof to make creds to affort to put augment slots on your gear? Boohoo...why should I actually have to do something to get something...I want it free...and right now!

SWTOR could be sponsored by Tomy anyway...basically a "My First MMO" with how easy it is, and you whining kids come on here and cry about having to put any effort in to achieve something?

People put in a lot of effort to get the best stuff....there should be a difference between them and the lazy gits walking around in greens and blues. Stop trying to dumb this game down even more than it already is.

SWTOR is likely to go Free-to-Play end of Aug anyway...then you can just buy anything you want for real money. Perhaps then you will be happy (or not because it is unfair to you that people with jobs can afford the best gear)