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All I hear is that Im too lazy to level toons up to Have the same buffs as everyone else yadda yadda blah blah blah .

As you are now bringing this up you could have rolled all 4 toons to level 40 and recieved the buff simple really in the time frame you have stated from when this went live and or from when the game went live.
Alot of people have done this and have no issues with it.

I for one have done it and I reapply that buff almost like it was second nature cuz thats what I do even in combat and around others. For I know that people just dont buff so I made sure that I do it as much as possible to pick up the slack of others who didnt or wont take the time to actualy prepare themselves .Not my fault or any one elses fault for that matter on the ones who took the time and grinded that out. Plus it was stated that certain legacy item was going to happen for some time. Point that finger at the mirror and only blame your self or selves for not taking the oppurtunity to actualy be prepared.

It is really not that hard or difficult to do the things in this game compared to older mmo's this game is a cake walk .
People need to stop complaning on everything and anything that doesnt suit them and or fit in there agenda because they didnt do it or what ever. IT's old and silly, When will people actualy do things for themselves again anyone ?
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