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Personally, I don't like to keep force armor up on the tank at all times. I rather prefer to keep it to times when the tank has taken a big spike.
This is one of those things that twists my brain a bit... but does it really make that much difference?

Bubbles in their nature can't over-heal unless they run out before being used up - which should never happen on a tank. So whenever you cast the bubble, that amount of healing will be done - at whatever point it happens. The spikes in ToR aren't usually big enough to kill a decent tank outright, so the tank will only die if he already had some unhealed damage before the spike... or if he continues taking unhealed extra damage after the spike.

1) If you cast the bubble early, then it absorbs damage in the period leading up to the spike, so your tank is more likely to be at high health or even 100% when the spike hits - which means that there will be less healing required to heal back up to 'OK'.... so you need less of a burst.

2) If you cast the bubble after the spike, it absorbs the steady incoming damage, giving you some space to heal back up to 'OK'... so you need less of a burst.

In both situations, the bubble is absorbing 'standard' incoming damage in order to help reduce the need for burst healing. It's really just a question of whether that standard damage is absorbed before or after the spike, which shouldn't actually have an effect on the outcome.

You might say, that normal damage in advance of the spike would be covered by your normal healing anyway, so you didn't need the bubble. But if you look at it that way... then you're also using heal CDs on normal healing before the spike - which means that you have less ability to react with heals when the spike hits, because some abilities are more likely to be on CD.

All in all, I'm not sure that the 'save it for spikes' argument is as compelling as it seems. There may be a small benefit in some situations to holding back with it... but that benefit would be generally countered by losing an amount off your standard healing output throughout the fight as a result of holding back the bubble and so not using it as much as you could have been.

It's a tough one. Certainly not as clear as it may have seemed at first.