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Quote: Originally Posted by Aurojiin
I'm afraid I have to strictly disagree with you here. The bottom line is that point for point, Willpower will increase your healing output by more than Power will. Willpower is simply better, and how much crit rating you're chosen to stack is irrelevant here.
Ignoring Willpower's benefit to Critical chance and speaking solely on Bonus Healing, Power still has a larger increase on Bonus Healing. I just swapped out Augments on my PvP gear (which has much less Willpower than my PvE gear) from Overkill to Resolve and I lost 0.3 Bonus healing per augment when I went to Resolve even with Will of the Jedi and class buffs. I'm not trying to argue that Overkill augments are better to use than Resolve, I'm just stating the math of their effects on Bonus Healing.

EDIT: Just to add to the this, I do now realize that Resolve augments are better than Overkill augments have seeing and doing the math. I'm just clarifying that the Bonus Healing itself still gains more from Power than Willpower, but the overall healing is increased more from Willpower.