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Personally, I don't like to keep force armor up on the tank at all times. I rather prefer to keep it to times when the tank has taken a big spike and needs to be healed up quickly to compensate for the comparative lack of burst healing for our class, and for times when I know that the tank is going to take a big hit soon and I might not be able to make it into position to heal him fast enough - e.g. when the tank is jumping back onto stormcaller.
As I note at the beginning, take it all with a grain of salt, and ultimately exercise your own judgement.

That being said, the only situation where I'd consider not using Force Armor in rotation on the tank is during Kephess' final stages with two Sage healers in 8-man. There's nothing else in the game where I'd worry about spikes enough to deliberately exclude it. YMMV.

If we're presuming a high HPS situation (as Angel says, this is somewhat irrelevant if it's low-burden maintenance healing), refreshing Force Armor on the tank has some solid advantages:

2. It doesn't put Trance on cooldown.
3. It's more force-efficient than un-Conveyed Deliverance (which is going to have to be your filler otherwise).
2. It's an instant, which leaves you more time to NS/heal someone else. Ultimately you'll be doing more healing too.

Quote: Originally Posted by AngelFluttershy View Post
I have no argument with you here. Power gives more than Willpower off the bat, but after all the additions Willpower can be more advantageous. Despite all the buffs though, Power still gives more Bonus Healing than Willpower (tested this by swapping identical gear with different Power and Willpower levels) but with the Power I obviously lose the benefit of extra crit chance. Plus, after all is said and done, the difference in Bonus Healing between Power and Willpower isn't that large. It just comes down to what you think is best for you, I'll play around with my Augments until I get something I like so I'm not shutting down the idea of stacking Resolve Augments.
I'm afraid I have to strictly disagree with you here. The bottom line is that point for point, Willpower will increase your healing output by more than Power will. Willpower is simply better, and how much crit rating you're chosen to stack is irrelevant here.

I concur with you on the issue of Pain Bearer vs Valiance, inasmuch as both choices have benefit in different situations. Pick your poison. Personally I prefer to have a lower Noble Sacrifice penalty to afford me more leeway when I'm already pressured by incoming damage. As far as the counter-argument that Valiance has no real use when you're not taking damage, since Salvation will cover it anyway, well... I would submit that Pain Bearer has no relevance when you're not taking damage either. I'm going to adjust the builds to 3/3 Penetrating Light and put up both options.

And I did originally had a wall of text worth of thoughts, but I decided to be succinct for a change