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To BW and anyone else that reads this.

I like this game, its kept me entertained now for over 6 months. I leveled 5 alts so far to 50, ran with my guild in raids and have finally settled into PVP. Im geared, but not yet fully pimped out. I dont mind the gear grind, its a staple of this type of MMO, so I knew it was coming and to be honest I would PVP anyway if there were no comms and generic gear, I enjoy it. But I am finding the grind a tad ... anticlimatic. This is star wars or more specifically - you have segregated the player base into two groups who rarely if ever interact with each other. I understand that you probably cant change things now. But can we get some PVP zones other than Ilum an Tatooine that provide server a wide bonus. Just make a few ships, one that provides XP, one Crafting mats, and the other Valor/Comms that can be fought over. Put in a couple of static turrets ala CWGs FP or similar and you will create something worth fighting for. Remember this is Star Wars - its meant to be a bloody war.

I do have a suggestion that may add something unique to PVP in SWTOR as well. Geneally here are over 150 players on the IMP fleet on my server - Dalborra at normal times, up to and over 200 on peak. Why cant we use these players as a reward themselves. Currenly there are a 'unofficial' server firsts, server records, best player threads in most servers forums. Why not transfers this info to the fleets. If I see my toons name is bright lights on the fleet as in the top 10 PVP players than that is more of a reward than a new set of boots or belt with a slight stat increase. Same with server firsts, top open world kills, etc.... there is a lot of things that could be done.

Engage with your player base. The players make the game, its ours, we control its future. No amount of tweaking will change this. Just do something that will keep me logging past the gear grind. Something non-tangible.
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