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Just this morning in huttball a player cloaked with the ball and did not drop it.

The hackers/cheaters are ruining pvp.
Actually, this happened to me.

I was chasing the ball carrier, nearly had him down but was getting smashed myself by his friends. I popped a parting Vital Shot off for a dot and then Disappearing Act to go into stealth and get out of there.

I think what happened next was that my dot killed the ball carrier almost exactly - probably just after - I stealthed out and as I dropped off the walkway where all the AOE was. Because suddenly the ball came to me and I was still in stealth.

Which was a cool little bug for me, as I scarpered towards the enemy endzone with ball and in stealth.

Wasn't a hack by me, but a bug. Maybe you saw the same thing happen.
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