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Are you referring to the time it takes to report during a Warzone (presumably while in the spawn area)? If there is another issue causing your removal while reporting, please let us know.

We definitely want people reporting players they suspect are using any kind of cheat. Security is extremely important to us, and while we (obviously) can't go into details about our methods, shutting down any cheaters or hackers (and their methods) is something we take very seriously.
My assumption is that there simply isnt enough time AFTER a match (while the scoreboard is up and you can see the names of the players and all the special characters in it) in order to make a regular ticket. There is also not an easier/quicker way just for pvp matches (since they are on a timer).

I have seen players teleport under ground and into walls multiple times in a match to hold a ball so no one could score and they would win. Couldnt report them cuz I couldnt get all the special characters and ticket created fast enough, and after I was kicked from the WZ I didn't have them all written down to recreate it...

By that same token I have had people shout at me and call me a cheater in matches because as an operative I am constantly moving to stay out of my opponents visual attack range, so some people assume I am hacking because they cant attack me when it happens.

Sometimes what you assume is a hack isnt, but its always better to be safe than sorry and have a decent system in place so these claims can be investigated when they arise.

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