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07.10.2012 , 05:11 PM | #17
There's a question of timing with pre-bubbling.

I reckon that you should always have tank bubbled nicely in advance of his engaging. The benefit to having the shield absorb a load of damage and then be able to refresh it almost immediately, because the immunity had already largely worn off, is considerable.

Bubbling the whole group is more difficult to time well. You may not get all the way through the bubbles and find that your tank has already engaged... or you may find that the group you're playing with doesn't wait long enough to allow you to meditate back to full. It can be a pain trying to educate them about it too... not least because in some situations it will slow down a group, if they have to wait for you to cast the bubbles and meditate.

With a group that you know well and who understand the dynamic though, bubbling all group members and then meditating to regain all the force, has the potential to be advantageous. Bubbling all and meditating makes particular sense for more difficult fights, especially when there's likely to be early AoE damage. Bubbling melee and meditating is more often useful than bubbling all.

But if you have a group that doesn't mind the few seconds extra taken in preparation for a given fight, then there's no downside to bubbling all group/raid members and meditating back to full force.