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07.10.2012 , 04:52 PM | #68
To all those who claim "There are no more hacks in the game". Please explain to me (tankasin half BM half WH all aug's)how I can try to peel another assassin off my healer, literally give him about 9-10 maul's and shock's, and do 60-80 per hit. Now before all you "pro gamers" tell me to learn to play, I was 100% not taunted ,he was not guarded, and as he was alone vs us 2, he had no outside heals. He didnt get the node but I found it very interesting that vs a class I duel alot (my GF also plays a sin) an she's full WH. I can hit her for AT LEAST 1k. Yet this fellow was untouchable.

I await the "wisdom" to follow.