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07.10.2012 , 04:15 PM | #15
Okay, tried to organize this post to make it look a little better. Also added the other Xenotech pieces from Karagga's Palace, as well as the Red Reaper set (which I completely forgot about), both to the Player/Companions BoP section (II A).

Also found an excellent older post showing some of Imperial uniform gear already listed here (and where I was reminded of the Red Reaper set ;). In that thread, there is also a list of craftable Armormech gear that can be Masterworked (I am not including those in my list, since I am only concentrating on Moddable gear, not Augmented).

BTW, I would like to add links and images eventually, but it will be incredibly time consuming, considering there are doubles of nearly every piece... *sigh*